Angel Counselor Certification
Inner Connection of Depth and Presence

Continue to develop skills and build your business as you learn to go deeper into the Divine Presence through Essential Spiritual Practices. Using nine spiritual practices including prayer, meditation and gratitude, you'll learn to bring people to a deeper state of inner connection and Presence. This is where the miracles and profound healing are experienced.

Are you feeling called to become an Angel Counselor?

The first step is the Angel Reader Certification.

Angel Counselor Business Development
Learn how to set up your Angel Counseling practice. Starting with your vision of your practice, a detailed questionnaire will lead you through the steps of your business plan. Assess your "tools" then further develop your abilities with peer and Angel Minister support. Fill in the pieces of your business plan during the 13 weeks so you are ready to start counseling when you receive your certification.
Angel Counseling Internship
Your angel counseling practice with be founded on ethical issues, confidentiality and impeccability. What are your skills, talents and abilities that apply to angel counseling? What do you offer? What is your style? Explore sources for counseling wisdom and define the areas where you feel most competent. The major concerns in counseling are love and relationships, money and work issues, health, worthiness and life circumstances. How do you envision your Angel Counseling practice? With peer and Angel Minister support, practice giving Angel Counseling sessions. Log ten sessions to get your certificate.
You as a Healer
Recognize your gifts and abilities. Discover your style. Imagine how this important component will fit into your Angel Counseling and future Ministry.

Invoking Angels
The mission of the angels is to deliver people into the Presence of Divine Love, healing and joy. Your primary task as an angel minister is to invoke the presence of angels, step into the sacred light and divine presence of Eternal Love, and bring others with you. Learn how to invoke angels, recognize and enter their presence to receive comfort, healing, guidance and love for yourself and others.
Recognizing Angel Responses
I often hear people complain that their prayers aren’t answered. Then when they share the stories of their lives, I can clearly see the answers they missed. -- Kimberly Marooney

Get clued in. Learn to recognize angel responses and angel guidance in life, through your inner senses of vision, hearing, feeling and knowing. Discover how journaling is a key to gaining awareness about the angel interaction in your life. Get the missing piece of gratitude – be grateful before you recognize a response, giving to spirit.
Angel Attunements
It’s all about the personal experience. Go beyond the words, beyond the mind and understanding. This is where the real healing and guidance take place. The angels of Surrender, Humility and Connection guide us on this adventure into the angelic realms.
Essential Spiritual Practices, The God Ladder, and Leadership Training prepare you for your next steps as a Certified Angel Counselor


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